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The "qaplious" player
or "been",
François Baltazard
Les Hindoûs (publication),
Paris, 1810


Makar Records
French editor of indian music (Site in French and English)

Nimbus Records
English catalog of the editor Nimbus Records (Site in English)

Raga Records
Editor of CDs of Great Masters, photos, articles, interviews (Site in English)

Site dedicated to the Dagar family (Site in English)
Institute (Gurukul) of dhrupad (Site in English)

Site dedicated to hindustani music (Site in English)

Alain Daniélou
Site dedicated to the famous french indianist (Site in French and English)

Art India
Annuary of contemporary indian musicians (Site in English)

Medieval Music & Arts Foundation
Selective discography of hindustani music (Site in English)

Sangeet Research Academy
Site of Sangeet Research Academy institute (Site in English)

Grove Music Online
Reference publication on musical instruments (Site in English)

General annuary of sites on music (Site in English)

Encyclopaedia Britannica Online
History of hindustani music (Site in English)


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